1. A playing
  2. Leisure activities
  3. Set free
  4. A drawing with a message
  5. History of the popular toy.
  1. The game rules of Monopoly
  2. exrcssive
  3. The Eiffel Tower
  4. Atlantic city was larger than Germantown
  5. a game manufacturing
  1. unusual
  2. is a landloked city
  3. two French words
  4. He used an existing type of material
  5. Lines 19-20
  1. Jazz in general and one specific ttpe of jazz
  2. mixture
  3. making up music while playing
  4. the firs type of jazz
  5. Scott Jopline’s parents had been slaves before Scott was born
  1. Had a difficult childhood
  2. was often in search of a job
  3. Cruise had to wark at an early age
  4. Cruise had problems with his father
  5. made of fortune after suffering hardships.
  1. he was in a car accident
  2. a clock
  3. doctors belive that Edward was never relly blind or deaf
  4. Hiding from the storm under a tree
  5. 5-d

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