1- next spring a new children’s hospital will be built in this district

2-i wonder how many historical monuments are there in Yerevan

3-the Nile is the longest river in the world

4-we got a new flat last year there is a kitchen,two rooms,a bathroom and a large balcony

5-my mother makes me drink milk every morning

6-he asked where his books were

7-the old man didn’t hear well so he had to speak loudly

8-Bil may come soon its good to wait for him

9-he missed the train,so he had to wait for the next one

10-the film was better than we had expected

11-it’s a famous picture it was painted it was painted by Turner

12-I won’t be able to go to the country tomorrow because im ill

13-we didn’t expect him to return so late

14-the librarian said that the books must be returned in time

15-you don’t have to go to the bakers.we have enough bread and rolls at home

16-i asked michael if i may tell helen about it

17-several books were borrowed by students the other day

18-mr Nash is the most honest man i have ever seen in my life

19-the lost documents were found by the manager

20-the fog was so thick that they couldn’t see anything

21-the murderer hasn’t been caught by the police yet

22-everybody has been invited to the houseparty except Jones

23-may you put a bottom on my cooat

24-i want you to give up smoking

25-may i take one of your cigars

26-while her luggage was being checked she was filming in the decleration

27-she is a talented painter but her sister is more talanted

28-this fabulous flower is usually found in the alps

29-you must be nice to people so that they will be nice to you in returnt

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