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1-Does she do her homework before the TV show starts?

2-How many football matches did he see last week?

3-Which material have they selected?

4-Tom has to go to the lecture,hasn’t he?

5-They came here by bus, did they?

6-Do the children have lots of toys?

7-To whom are you grateful for the help?

8-For whom have the doctor been called?

9-Ann won’t be able to keep her promise,will she?

10-Did i give that present to my aunt,or my sister?

11-Did he successfully pass all his exams?

12-What must she take three times a day?

13-how many months did it take them to complete the job?

14-We had a good time yesterday , hadn’t we?

15-I thought much of it ,or less?

16-Has my sister ever lived in a village?

17-How many guests were invited to your housewarming party?

18-Why did we have to speak louder?

19-There are no other things in the box,are there?

20-Yesterday they went to the museum or to the cinema?

21-When did he rang you up?

22-When did the strong wind blow?

23-Why did we went for a ride?

24-Our country produces much oil ,does it?

25-What did the boy see in the sky a plane or an helicopter?

26-What will they discuss about teaching new languages?

27-What books have they selected?

28-How much did he had to wait for her?

29-Joan has bath in the evening,hasn’t she?

30-Will they meet him at the concert or at home after the concert?

31-Why are they going to leave the school this year?

32-What does she have to do every morning?

33-How many volleyball games did he see last week?

34-He liked to read a book before going to bed,didn’t he?

35-We must wait for him here or there?

36-Why did she had to sit up late yesterday?

37-What have you learnt about today?

38-Where we shall reach in ten minutes?

39-You are not free now,aren’t you?

40-This book is read much or less?

41-To whom is Mary really grateful?

42-What did he had to finish in time?

43-You were not able to go far,weren’t you?

44-Will the beach be overcrowded in summer?

45-Does Mary mainly read books in the evenings or afternoons?

46-Dinner won’t be ready in an hour , will it?

47-What were they surprised at?

48-Who made a wonderful speech in the congress?

49-Was the hottest month in this year july or august?

50-is there something that will make you to change your mind?

51-What can the children be taught?

52-Neither your children,nor your parents know about it , do they?

53-When will this book be published?

54-He went to the seaside last month, or the month before?

55-Which color are their walls painted?

56-How many customers bought things at high prices?

57-There were a lot of apricot – trees there, weren’t there?

58-Where was it so pleasant?

59-He could meet us in the evening , or in the morning?

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